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Dry Seal Home + Basement Solutions is a Certified WhiteCap Installer

Dry Seal Home + Basement Solutions, of Virginia, is a Certified WhiteCap Installer that services Virginia Beach to Roanoke, and all counties in between! Cities in this service area include Richmond, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Petersburg, Franklin, Emporia, South Hill, Blackstone, and Farmville. Dry Seal Home + Basement Solutions is family owned and operated. Therefore we treat your home like it’s our own! Dry Seal Home + Basement Solutions believes in customer satisfaction so much that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all crawl space and basement waterproofing. We will continue to work until you are completely satisfied no matter how long it takes!

Dry Seal Home + Basement Solutions is a Full-Service Crawl Space & Basement Provider

If you have water in your crawl space, nasty odors, sagging floor joists, a wet basement, leaky cracks or bowing walls, we have the solution for you! Dry Seal Home + Basement Solutions provides crawl space encapsulation, crawlspace structural repair, basement waterproofing, foundation repair and exterior drainage. We understand that many of these issues are unexpected and work with the homeowner to create a custom plan for your needs and offer financing options to ease any budget burdens. Their inspections are free, and they provide some fantastic warranties for their services. Schedule a free inspection with Dry Seal Home + Basement Solutions.

The WhiteCap System restores the crawl space, recapturing it as part of your home, preventing problems like wood rot, mold, bugs, nasty odors, harmful gases, destructive moisture, and energy loss. What makes the WhiteCap system so unique? As a certified installer, Dry Seal Home + Basement can confidently tell you that WhiteCap offers a full range of solutions to answer any crawl space repair challenge. The system also boasts several exclusive components, manufactured to the strictest of standards, providing solutions that other products neglect to address which ultimately leads to a dry, healthy, and energy efficient crawl space!

whitecap certified installer

Solving your Basement and Crawl Space Problems with the Professionalism and Expertise you Expect.

Dry Seal is the ONLY WhiteCap installer of the No Water System in Central VA

Do you have water in your basement or crawl space?

GUARDIAN® Interior Waterproofing System solves leaky basement problems,
The GUARDIAN® Interior Waterproofing System
Do you have water intruding into your basement? Is it coming through the walls or up through the floor? Water sealants will not prevent water seepage! Exterior excavation is the most disruptive method of all. It’s a huge mess! Traditional interior waterproofing systems drain systems can be time-consuming and disruptive to install. GUARDIAN® is the ONLY system with a gasket rear wall flange, helping to create a better seal against radon gas and water evaporation. For a healthy and dry basement, ask for The GUARDIAN® Interior Waterproofing System, Dry Seal Home + Basement Solutions can do this – get a free quote.

Are your floors sagging or growing weak and buckling?

fix sagging floors
The PowerPost - galvanized steel support system!
Does your home have sagging floors? Over time, floors can sag and grow weak, buckling and settling from heavy loads. Often floor joists are overspanned with pronounced slopping between the outer foundation wall and center support beam. As A certified PowerPost installer Dry Seal Home + Basement CAN customize A floor support plan to level and strengthen your floor system. Get a free quote.

Are your basement walls showing signs of mold?

Basement Doctor® Epoxy

Are your basement walls an unsightly breeding ground for dangerous mold? When storms are at their worst, foundation walls can act like a sponge, soaking up excess water from the outside and slowly leaching it into the home. Over time, exterior sealants harden and crack, allowing water to penetrate masonry walls. A careful inspection should be done to evaluate the most efficient way to eliminate the moisture in your basement. Dry Seal Home + Basement Solutions can help! Get a free quote.

Solve Your Basement + Crawl Space Problems

With one inspection we can tell you if the foundation of your home dry, safe and secure.

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