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Gutter Guards • 5 Reasons To Install Them On Your Roof

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Gutters Overflowing Because Of This Winter’s Washout?

The only predictable thing about Virginia’s winter weather is that it NEVER is predictable! This leaves us with snow and ice one day then 65 degrees and sunny on the next.

The winds from these ever-changing weather patterns are blowing leaves and debris on your home’s roof. It doesn’t take long for all that to wash into your gutter and clog them right up! Once those channels stop up water will cascade over their edges and wreak havoc on your windows, siding, decks and worst of all, the foundation of your home.

A home’s foundation left unprotected because of ineffective gutters gives way to termite damage, mold, mildew, and wood rot. Did you know that homeowners insurance covers NONE of these! Investing a little now can save your household BIG money in the long term! Call Dry Seal’s gutter guard installation team for a free inspection!

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These are 5 Reasons to get Gutter Guards professionally installed on your roof by Dry Seal this winter.

GUTTER GUARDS PROTECT the foundation by keeping water from eroding, molding, mildewing, or rotting.

Unprotected gutters will CLOG and FAIL. Keep the water away from your foundation.

GUTTER GUARDS will help you SAVE

Thousands of dollars are spent annually on home repairs and pest control directly related to improper water diversion.

GUTTER GUARDS will keep water from standing around your foundation.

When water stands around the foundation, it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, earwigs, ants, and termites.

GUTTER GUARDS will keep you home HEALTHIER

Standing water will create mold and mildew in the basement of a home, crawl space, attic or inside. The spores from this will make their way into the air. Mold and mildew will then taint the air and can affect your family’s well-being.

GUTTER GUARDS mean you'll never have to clean your gutters again!

Cleaning gutters the #1 most dangerous household chore causing so many avoidable injuries.

Dry Seal team members are ready and professionally trained to install Xtreme Gutter Guards on your roof this winter!

The patented Xtreme Gutter Guard system comes with an A+ endorsement from the BBB and is made right here in Virginia. This product offers performance and value, from its lifetime warranty to a patented surgical grade steel hemmed for longevity. Contact us today for more information on this service and winter installation specials. 

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