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Dry Seal specialists repairing cracked foundation

Foundation Crack Repair Specialists

What to Know About Foundation Repair

Any damage to your home’s foundation can be a major inconvenience for you. If the damage in the foundation is extensive, it may spell doom for your entire home. So, if you notice any oddity to your home- a tilt or crack in the chimney, it is essential to get a foundation crack repair specialist immediately who will inspect the issue and inform you about the necessary procedure to resolve it. Please continue reading to best educate and prepare yourself on the basics and essential elements of foundation  crack repair.

Why Do Foundations Fail?

There are a number of reasons you could be seeing cracks in your foundation including:

  1. Poor soil conditions: If the soil is not properly prepared or there are poor soil conditions, the contraction/and or expansion in the soil contributes to the foundation problems.
  2. Inferior construction of foundation: If your foundation does not have a sufficient amount of steel and has poor quality concrete, it can cause movement in the slab, and ultimately its lifespan.
  3. Drainage issues: Due to the improper draining of rain gutters or drains, the soil beneath the building may expand and lead to foundation failure.
  4. Plumbing leaks: The leak in the plumbing system can last for years without being noticed. And this may cause moisture to seep into the soil, leading the foundation to rupture.

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Why Should You Choose to Repair a Damaged Foundation?

The foundation of your home is responsible for keeping your home together. So, if it’s experiencing any issues, it can lead to dangerous problems that are expensive to fix. Here are some key reasons for foundation repair:
Avoid problems from getting worse: Failing to repair your cracked foundation can make it difficult for you to exit the building quickly in case of an emergency. Also with every season, the damage may become more intense, costing more to repair. So, it’s better to fix the foundation issues in a timely and cost-effective way.
Maintain the resale value of the property: As nobody would want to buy a home with foundation problems, it is vital to maintain positive equity by scheduling foundation damage repair on time. It will avoid hurting the resale value of your property as well.
Resolve any safety concerns: In some cases, doors or windows may not open properly, which may pose a serious safety concern to your family, investment and home.

The type of foundation repair you’ll likely need relies on your geographical location and other factors like age and style of your home. While the kind of foundation you have is a major deciding factor to get a foundation repair as per the foundation type also.

Here are the two common types of foundations:

  1. Crawlspace: Crawlspaces are generally three to four feet deep and consist of pillars that support your home. These spaces are evident in northern regions where frost lines are intense and deep. A crawlspace helps avoid flooding and keep the building cooler during the summer.
  2. Basement: The basement is a more advanced kind of foundation than a crawlspace. They are based on concrete parameters and are installed in areas where the issues relating to freezing and thawing are common.

Working with experienced foundation crack repair specialists is critical during this time. Thus, you can get help from Dry Seal Home and Basement Solutions to handle any type of foundation repair need. The repair specialists at Dry Seal will suggest the most effective repair solution based on the foundation type and other crucial factors.

How to Check if Your Home Needs a Foundation Repair

Having your own home is a rewarding experience, but it also comes with a huge responsibility at the same time. As a homeowner, you need to keep your home in good shape. It’s not just required for your comfort and safety, but also for your home’s resale value in case you decide to move. Keeping an eye on the foundation is one of the best ways to ensure your home retains its value over the time. However, issues with the home foundation mostly lead to serious long-term problems.

Where to Look for Cracks in Your Foundation and Prevention Tips

1. Keep your eye on any noticeable cracks.
It is crucial to keep a keen eye on noticeable cracks to make sure they are easy to fix in time. If the foundation has minor cracks, you first need to clean them and then leave them to dry thoroughly. After that, you need to fill them with concrete repair mix or epoxy glue. However, if you notice large cracks, it’s essential to call a specialist from Dry Seal without trying to fill them yourself. This is because large cracks may lead to major problems that need serious foundation crack repair. Most of the time, homeowners make the mistake of trying DIY repair and end up creating a much bigger and more expensive problem.

2. Take care of moisture levels around your foundation.
If you are living in a wet kind of place, ensure that the soil is graded to maintain the water flow stays a safe distance away from the foundation. Whereas, if you live somewhere with very dry warm months, you’ll need to install soakers or hoses to make the foundation wet. And remember to check your downspouts also. But, in cases where water is coagulating after heavy rains, it’s not safe to handle the issue alone. Make sure that you call Dry Seal to assess any such damage. The waterproofing experts at Dry Seal will seal your home from the ground up to transform it into a drier and healthier place to live.

3. Plant shrubbery or hedges away from the foundation.
Do not plant shrubbery and hedges close to the foundation of your home. Make sure to plant them at least 3 feet away from a home’s foundation. However, if the shrubs or other vegetation are close to the foundation of your home, try to keep those plants small and short. It’s best to preferably keep them smaller than 3 feet and also trim them regularly to keep your home’s foundation healthy. As tall plants need the right amount of water to stay healthy, it means putting lots of water close to the foundation which can cause significant damage.

4. Check underground water systems for leaks.
Pools, sprinkler systems and many more things around a house can require underground water. Leaks in such underground water sources can lead to wet foundations, resulting in considerable damage. If you don’t want to see such scenarios happening to you, just call in a Dry Seal foundation crack repair specialist who can check these underground sources of water every year or two. These expert technicians can look for repair leaks before the damage becomes difficult to handle, needing a more substantial repair. You should also check for leaks yourself.

5. Keep doing foundation inspections on a regular basis.
Though you may not see cracks in your walls or foundation, you should still never ignore doing regular foundation inspections at least two times a year. So, go for a walk around your house’s foundation, and check for things such as large cracks, sagging roofs, buckling walls, or doors that no longer fit. If you see any warning signs that provide a hint of foundation damage, you should immediately call in a specialist for further investigation. This step is a necessity because if you can catch a problem soon or before it becomes too severe, then you can probably just do some minor repair work, without a major overhaul or spending much.

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There is only one thing that we would like you to take away from this article, and it is that you should always try to act promptly when you feel something is wrong with your home’s foundation. Instead of waiting for your foundation check, contact Dry Seal at 804-324-3398 now. From Virginia Beach to Roanoke and all the counties in between, Dry Seal serves homes with all kinds of home and basement solutions needed to keep homes and their owners in a safe condition.

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