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Crawl Space Hazards

Crawl Space Hazards

Let’s be honest. Your crawl space could be dangerous. If you have visited this area lately, are you excited about going back again? NO! Do you know why? Because you didn’t feel safe.

There was that water over in the corner and you wondered how it got there. Was that black stuff on the wall mold? Are your kids breathing in this nasty, moldy air? Well, let us tell you that your concerns are valid. Let us also tell you that you probably should not go in your crawl space again, without proper personal protective equipment. Simply because crawl space hazards are real and dirty crawl spaces need the attention of a trained professional.

Here is a short list of crawl space hazards:

  1. Mold and Fungus
  2. Pests
  3. hantavirus
  4. asbestos insulation
  1. standing water or sewage
  2. structural collapse
  3. improper wiring
  4. source of energy waste

Not convinced you need a professional to deal with these crawl space hazards safely? 

Let’s go into a bit more detail on what these crawl space hazards mean for you, your family and your home.

Mold & Fungus

Mold and fungus can grow quickly in crawl spaces. They both can destroy your health and destroy your home. If anyone in your house suffers from hay fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash (dermatitis), then you may giving credit to the wrong source, seasonal allergies. When in reality, your crawl space could be poisoning you and your family. Homes infected with molds and fungus are also much more difficult to sell, often requiring costly crawl space repair prior to closing the deal.


Ever heard of the Hantavirus? First thing you should know is that it has a mortality rate of 38%. That means 38 percent of people that get this virus do not live. You become infected by coming into contact with hantavirus-infected rodents or their urine and droppings. The pest that carry the virus are the cotton rat, deer mouse, rice rat and white-footed mouse. Want to know more? Visit the CDC website for more info. If that is not enough for you to get a Dry Seal professional down in your crawl space to make it pest proof, then we don’t know what is. But keep reading.

Standing Water or Sewage

Dirt crawl spaces invite moisture, and mositure loves to hang out, and grow things. Where is the water coming from? Are your gutters clogged? Are the walls leaking? Whatever is the cause, water in your crawl space needs to be addressed immediately. And you don’t want to fix it yourself (remember the deer mouse?). If your crawl space has standing water, or worse, is completely flooded, get the professionals to come and inspect your crawl space for free.

Improper Wiring

A lot of things can be going on under your feet, and you not realize it. If pests have found a way inside your crawl space, they can mess with your wiring. If you do venture down there, watch for loose wiring, junction boxes that are open, or wiring that has become loose and fallen to the floor…perhaps laying in water.  


Oh, how pests love dirty crawl spaces! These crawl space hazards include ants, termites, wildlife and various other pests. Did you see any mud tubes while you were in your crawl space? Termites and carpenter ants could be obvious to see and can cause expensive structural damage to your home. This may surprise you, but your homeowners insurance does not cover termite repair. Snakes, spiders, bees, squirrels and other pests may also be living in the crawl space, and while they pose little structural danger to the house, they can damage your electrical system and physically harm you!

Asbestos Insulation

Asbestos fibers are released into the air when asbestos-containing materials are disturbed, like insulation materials. So, do not disturb asbestos! These microscopic fibers cause illnesses, including mesothelioma, which is a cancer of the lining of the chest and the abdominal cavity, as well as asbestosis, in which the lungs become scarred with fibrous tissue. Sound fun? Didn’t think so. Don’t take on these crawl space hazards yourself. Let Dry Seal professionals repair your crawl space.

Structural Collapse

Do you remember seeing that video of Adam easily pushing that metal bar through the support beams of that home? (if not, watch now!) That could be your home right now! Over time, moisture will destroy a house. You know this already, so go ahead and request the inspection. Remember, it’s a free, no-obligation to take our advice or use our services request. We honestly want your family safe in your home without having to worry about all the crawl space hazards lurking under your feet.

Source of Energy Waste

In the past, it was believed that you should vent your crawl space to prevent moisture problems. We now know that could actually lead to moisture problems, as well as higher energy costs. Ventilated crawl spaces allow a great deal of heat loss in the winter and moisture intrusion in the summer from moist air. Don’t vent your crawl space. Allow Dry Seal to encapsulate it instead.

Ready to leave those crawl space hazards to the professionals?

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