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Crawl Space Encapsulation

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crawl space encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Virginia

Crawl space encapsulation with Dry Seal Home and Basement Solutions will transform your crawl space and make your home drier, cleaner, healthier, safer, and more efficient place to live!

Why Should Your Crawl Space Be Encapsulated?

A crawl space is more than just a place for extra storage, it is a vital part of your home’s foundation. With an open crawl space, the weather outside will become the conditions on the inside. When it is not protected and kept in good health, moisture can collect in the crawl space. Moisture is an enemy of a house. It can lead to condensation, mold, wood rot, bad odors and even open up your residence to bugs, rodents, and critters who don’t pay rent!

Did you know that 50% of the air on your first floor has risen up from your crawlspace? If that is your main area of living, you are not doing your family any favors. Mold spores, moisture, and odors typically originate from the crawl space. Adding a crawl space vapor barrier and sealing the vents is the best way to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency in your home.

Dry Seal liners are designed to be a permanent part of the structure. Crawl spaces can have cheap plastic liners that crack and tear which doesn’t stop moisture from damaging the structure. Dry Seal’s crawl space encapsulation is a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier that is professionally fitted to cover your unique crawl space. We also seal the vents, stopping damp air from outside and can reduce your energy cost by 15%-35%!

Benefits of an Encapsulated Crawl Space

  • Better air quality in your home
  • No more pests and insects
  • Prevents dangerous mold and mildew
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Keeps future structural repair costs down
  • Makes your home a healthier place

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Don’t settle for your builder’s cheap crawl space materials, let Dry Seal secure the area and make it a useable space. We have solutions to help your home serve you to its maximum ability. With services ranging from crawl space encapsulation to optimized gutter systems, you will have a home that is dry and healthy!

Client Testimonial from Mike E. in Midlothian, VA
“I just want to say a few words about Dry Seal and the work they did for us. The team was very thorough and courteous, and we like the product.”
Mike E. from Midlothian

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