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Crawl Space Condensation

Crawl Space Condensation Specialists in Virginia

Crawl space condensation means you have a moisture problem. Moisture problems in your crawl space will lead to an array of issues, including structural damage, mold and allergy problems, and most importantly – the safety of your family & home. A professionaly conditioned and encapsulated crawl space can fix and prevent humidity and moisture from reeking havoc on your home. If you are having condensation problems in your crawl space, contact our expert team at Dry Seal Home and Basement Solutions for a free inspection. We can help you find the perfect solution to any of your crawl space problems.


Air naturally rises from bottom to top through the home, carrying with it all the mold spores, moisture and odors from the crawl space. It’s called the “Stack Effect”. About 50% of the air you breathe inside your home comes from your crawl space.

The Stack Effect

What Causes Crawl Space Condensation Problems?

Open Crawl Space Vents

condensation problems in crawl spaceFor decades, it has been believed that you should be venting your crawl space to prevent the build up of humidity. This method has failed time and time again, as crawl space condensation is a growing problem. If you vent your crawl space it not only creates crawl space humidity and crawl space condensation problems, it results in expensive damage to your home and higher heating and cooling bills. If you were to take a look into just about any vented crawl space in Virginia, you will see that venting to the outside is often a disaster.

Poor Moisture Barrier

damaged moisture barrier in crawl space A durable, properly installed crawl space moisture barrier is one of the most important components in a sealed crawl space. In addition to keeping soil moisture out of the crawl space, it also seals out air, pests, dirt, radon gas, and dust. If your moisture barrier is torn or has standing water on it – it is time to upgrade to sturdy materials developed specifically for crawl space encapsulation.

Dirt Crawl Spaces

dirty and wet crawl spaceThe only reason to have a dirt crawl space is to save money,on the front end. But what you really have is a save now but pay later situation. If money was no object in house building, contractors would never build a home with a dirt crawl space. A house with a dirt crawl space is dysfunctional, and a dysfunctional house is not worth building – at any price. The exposed dirt in your crawl space absorbs moisture from the air and sucks up moisture from below. As the damp soil dries, the moisture rises through your home, increasing the indoor relative humidity. High crawl space humidity also creates the perfect environment for mold, mildew, insects and dust mites.

  • A vented crawl space could raise your electric bill by… 25% 25%
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