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Choosing the Right Gutter Guards for Your Home

Protect your home from water damage starting at the top with the right gutter guards.

Clogged gutters do not serve a purpose. Here in Virginia gutters fill with leaves, pine needles, oak tassels, shingle debris, and nests that harbor infestation. They hold stagnant water and become a breeding area for mosquitoes. During dry, hot Virginia summers when the debris dries, pine needles and other trapped foliage, create a potential fire hazard. In the winter months, clogged gutters cause dangerous icicles and water damming, forcing melting water to back under shingles and leak into the interior. Water in foundations can freeze, crack and buckle. This is why Dry Seal Home and Basement Solutions’ gutter installation service tackles water trouble at your home from the roof to the foundation! 

We have solutions to meet your home’s needs and your family’s budget. Choose from 6 levels of gutter guard protection.

Dry Seal Home & Basement Solutions installs E-Z Guards: The Hardest Working Guards in the Business.

Screen Gutter Guards

Screen Guard

Screen Guards offer the most effective, affordable solution for your gutter guards. This gutter guard system is not a cure, but it will keep out the larger leaves and debris. This tier of leaf protection is not maintenance free. This means you will still need to clean out your gutters on occasion.

This powder-coated steel gutter screen is one of the most versatile, with two different methods of installation. It can be snapped into the front of the gutter for quick and easy removal without disturbing the shingles, or installed under the shingles and fastened with screws to the front of the gutter.

Leaf Exterminator gutter guards

Leaf Exterminator

The Leaf Exterminator gutter guard is used to keep out leaves and debris. Leaf Exterminator gutter guards have fully enclosed gutter protection that fits new or existing gutters. The unique, Micro-Pore filtration is designed to prevent leaves, seeds, pine needles, and all other debris from entering your gutters. The only thing that can pass through the system is rainwater. When properly installed by Dry Seal professionals, Leaf Exterminator can handle Virginia’s downpours.

This effective and simple-to-install aluminum gutter guard recesses into the gutter and fastens to the front with stainless steel screws. With thousands of holes, the rainwater passes through the canals, making it easy for air flow to dry the debris and blow it away. 

Solid Gutter Guards

Solid Guard

The Solid Guard allows the water to track around the front and into the gutter while forcing debris to fly off. The clips install first and maintain a consistent gap along the leading edge, so water tracks around the patented-design multiple radius curve and into the gutter. There are also pre-cut miters, with diverters, for inside and outside corners, plus premade endcaps.

Super Solid gutter guards

Super Solid

This Super Solid gutter guard allows the water to track around the front (by surface tension) and into the gutter while forcing debris to fly off. The clips install first and maintain a consistent gap along the leading edge, so water tracks around the patented design multiple radius curve and into the gutter. It also features a perforated bend line where the metal meets the roof. 

Leaf Relief Gutter Guards

Leaf Relief Guards

Leaf Relief for standard gutters is more effective than other types of gutter protection at keeping natural debris; such as leaves and twigs, from blocking your gutters and downspouts. Leaf Relief is an effective gutter protection system that is also the most invisible. Leaf Relief lays flat and fits snugly on top of your gutter. Leaf Relief will keep gutters channels from overflowing due to internal gutter clogging.

Xtreme Gutter Gutter Guards

Xtreme Gutter Guards

Dry Seal Home & Basements’ premium gutter guard solution is the Xtreme Gutter Guard. Optimally sized mesh openings protect gutters from leaves, twigs, pine needles, oak tassels, shingle grit and other minuscule debris that may cause clogging. Made with an exclusive, patented hemming process that keeps the mesh tight, Xtreme Gutter Guards won’t sag or separate.

Contact Dry Seal’s knowledgeable gutter professionals for a free estimate today – find out the best solution for your home and budget!

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A home’s foundation left unprotected because of ineffective gutters gives way to termite damage, mold, mildew, and wood rot. Did you know that homeowners insurance covers NONE of these? Investing a little now can save your household BIG money in the long term!

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