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What is the best way to eliminate crawl space moisture?

Eliminate Crawl Space Moisture

If you suspect moisture in your crawl space, follow these steps to eliminate it!

Step 1

Find the source of the moisture.

Two options:

  1. Inspect crawl space yourself
  2. Have a professional do it for you. By the way, Dry Seal does inspections for free.

Step 2

Once you know the source of the moisture, then you can stop the source of moisture.

  1. Stop moisture from coming inside your crawl space.
  2. Stop the moisture from collecting inside your crawl space.
  3. Control the humidity levels within your crawl space.

Benefits of a dry crawl space:

  1. Healthier home!
  2. Becomes added storage space!

Do it yourself tips for finding the source of moisture in your crawl space.

Sources where moisture can come into your crawl space from the outside:

  1. Moisture from outside. Rain, melting snow
  2. Crawl space door is loose, gaps around or not even there.
  3. Crawl space vents are open allow rain to come in.

Sources where moisture is caused from inside the crawl space:

  1. Piping or plumbing that is leaking from hot water heater or other equpment.
  2. High humidity levels causes condensation that cause moisture and wood rot. When it is hot outside and cool inside your crawl space, this causes humidity within your crawl space.
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